History of Coos Bay Manor

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Considered one of "the finest houses in the Coos Bay area," this historic colonial-style house was built in 1912 for Hjalte Nerdrum.

Two doors down the street his brother, Rolfe Nerdrum, also had a house built. The brothers came to Oregon to work for the Coos Bay Pulp and Paper Co. There, they pioneered the use of saltwater from the bay in making pulp, a process that later proved unprofitable.

This manor is Hjalte Nerdrum's legacy. The house has a unique open-air balcony that surrounds the second floor, with detailed woodworking throughout.

Our Timeline

1912- Hjalte and Toini Nerdrum and family have house built and move in.

1915- When the Nerdrum Brothers left and went back to Finland, Coos Bay
Pulp and Paper Company (the company that hired the Nerdrum
Brothers) took title to the house.

1916- Coos Bay Pulp and Paper Co. transferred ownership of the house to C.A. Smith Lumber Company.

1915-  Through 1921 the occupancy of the house is shrouded in mystery.

1921- In 1921 the house was transferred to Donna E. Smith, the wife of C.A.
Smith's son, Carrol. Donna and Carrol owned the house until 1926.

1926- Gus Adelsperger purchased the house from the Smiths. He had
worked for C.A. Smith Lumber Co.

1937- Gus Adelsperger died in the house. His widow, Mable, continued to
live here until 1941.

1941- Ruth McBride-Powers, the wife of Albert Powers, Jr., bought the house.
Al Powers and C.A. Smith were business partners in 1914.

1943- The house was "modernized." The round front porch, balcony and
posts were replaced with a square structure and square posts.

1961- Phil and Nina Waters bought the house. They owned a local radio
station. Phil died in 1980.

1990- Patricia Williams buys the house and turns it into a bed and breakfast.

1993- The house is placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

2003- Pam and Bill Bate buy the house and the B & B business

2007- Jon and Felicia Noack purchase the historic Coos Bay Manor.

​2011- David and Madge Osborn, both Coos Bay natives, acquire the Nerdrum
House and continue the operation of Coos Bay Manor Bed & Breakfast.